Dawn Property Consultancy - Bulawayo Branch in Zimbabwe

2nd Floor Coal House 95 Robert Mugabe / 9th Av., Bulawayo City Centre, Bulawayo CBD, Industrial
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For Sale
Plumtree Road/23Rd Avenue, Belmont, Bulawayo CBD, Industrial
Commercial Property
Great investment (DWN0175)
Commercial property in prime location in the industrial but in close proximity to the CBD.
For Sale
13 Th Avenue, Bulawayo City Centre, Bulawayo CBD, Industrial
Commercial Property
Potential for good return from rentals (DWN0176)
Commercial property on brick walls under corrugated iron sheets and glass frontage, comprising three shops. Ablution facilities and open plan area under corrugated iron roof.
For Sale
Herbert Chitepo Street, Bulawayo City Centre, Bulawayo CBD, Industrial
Commercial Property
Location rating 9/10 (DWN0177)
Corner stand commercial property strategically located on a busy corner stand with lots of foot and motor traffic. Potential for service station, hardware, retail and other commercial activity. The property is approximately 1000 square metres.
For Sale
62 The Chase, Mount Pleasant, Harare North
Development Project
Ideal for conversion to office parks (DWN0179)
Incomplete development on total land area of 2,1765 hectare along The Chase, Mount Pleasant, Harare. The improvements comprising the subject acquisition opportunity include: > Five (5) x 4 bed-roomed duplex townhouse up to 90 % complete and measuring 331 square metres. > One (1) x 1 bed-roomed flat, completed and measuring 48 square metres. > A gate house. > A borehole. > Boundary walling and gates. > Site services and drainage. Fifteen (15) x land shares remain undeveloped.