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Tobbacco Farming Lease (PRV4329)
Available for long term lease is vast very rich sandy loam tobbacco soils of 3 farms which are next to each other. The hacterage is +- 300ha, water is drawn from 2 of the farms dams therefore 2 of the farms on either side are fully irrigable, with the farm in middle only needing a main line that connects from either of the 2 dams. Barns also exist at 2 of the farms which can also catter for 3rd farm which is in between the 2 ,the barn capacity is adequate for the 300 hacters. There are workers' componds with workers at the 3 farms, a managers and leasees main house is also available. Electricity is readily available on either side. Contact dave show me i will be available to give more information as and when it is required.
Private 12 Apr '18

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