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Highly Productive Farm in Zambia (STV0118)
A compact productive unit situated 26km from Choma, Southern Province, Zambia : Total 475 ha – 300 ha arable. Sandy Loam soils. Dam – show me (m3) six boreholes (range from 3.0lts/sec to 6.0ltr/sec) Irrigation reservoir & pump station. Plunge Dip & cattle handling facilities. Sheep pen. Two main homesteads. Cottage & garage. Managers House. Storage Sheds. Tobacco Barns. (2 x 8 Bay Forced Air Curing units equipped with Boiler, Radiator & fan) Workshop & Store rooms. Staff Housing. All the buildings are in very good condition with the Tobacco barn heat sources and additional bonus in the drying of Nuts if required. Current cropping is Virginia Tobacco, Commercial Maize, Horticulture, Cattle & Sheep. Ideal soils & climate for Avocado, Pecan Nut, Macadamia Nut trees, Groundnuts and Stevia Sandy loam soils make up the 300 ha arable land which are all contoured. Average rainfall over the last ten years is 852mm, of which December, January & February being the wettest months. Temperatures on average in Summer range between 24* & 36* C and in winter, 6* & 18* C. Frost has been rare over the last ten years and affects the vlei areas surrounding the dam. These temperatures are favorable for the production of Tobacco , Maize and Horticulture. These conditions are also favorable for the growing of Macadamia, Avocado and Pecan Nut trees. Presently, there is sufficient water from the boreholes and dam to grow a minimum of 50 ha of Macadamia Nut, Avocado and Pecan Trees.

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