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Prime Commercial Farm for Rent (PRV4144)
Available for rent to highly motivated and well capitalized farmers my family owns a 275 hectare properly title deeded property in the norrton lydaite zvimba area. The farm is fully fenced and well watered with 5 established and prolific boreholes. Ground water is abundant as we are less the 4 km from the nearest finger of lake manyame. Very fertile virgin soils (fallow for 15 years) though we are harvesting hay this year. 90% arable. Acidic sandy loam soils with soilt tests included to give an overview of the soils ideal for market gardening, commercial chicken production, livestock rearing and cattle fattening. Less than 2km from the hoemstead to murombedzi road (probably the smoothest, best maintained highway in the country). My family is currently using about 20 hectares to raise sheep, goats, layers, instant lawn, eucalyptus gum poles, and bricks there are heavily forested portions ideal for intense goat production, and large tracks of smooth undulating slopes ideal for large scale cropping and livestock without additional pastures carrying capacity about 300 head of cattle. 5 boreholes on the property, two with 1hp submersible pumps, fully fenced with 3 and 4 strand barbed wire, tall thatching grass is abundant, as are small stands of start grass and katambora. Incredibly beautiful property that we are slowly developing. Nut tree plantations to follow
Private 23 Mar '18

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