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Rooms for Rent in Greendale, Harare East

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Greendale, Harare East
Greendale rooms for rent (PRV4528)
1. Greendale : 3 very big rooms one with fireplace, for rent in a very nice house - one carpeted and two tiled rooms, 2 toilets, share bathroom with one other person. Durawalled, electric fenced, borehole water. Near town. Walking distance to kamfinsa shops and food lovers market (honey dew). Rent $275 does not include zesa. 2. Greendale: corrugated roof under durawall cottage available for rent. Two big rooms plus inside bathroom. Durawalled, electric fenced. Borehole water. Ideal for single male. Rent $150 excluding zesa. For both contact show me
Private 30 Apr '18

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