Townhouses & Complexes for Sale in Kwekwe

USD 600,000
ZWL 1,020,000
5Km From Town, KweKwe, Kwekwe
Stands & Residential Land
The lodge occupies a total area of app.2.83ha.It is built on 3 different levels.On the bottom level we have staff accommodation and managers residence.On the middle level we have the conference room with 5 room accommodation all under one roof dining laundry linen etc.This building is in the process of final finishing.On the Upper level we have the main accommodation area with restaurant bar swimming pool self catering kitchen public toilets etc etc.There are 12 rooms of differing sizes from small to family.The property is supplied with water from 2 boreholes with year round capacity.On the bottom level is large capacity for further expansion
For Sale Updated
9 4 28,000m²
Listed: 1 Jul '20

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