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Land for Sale in Chirumhanzu

For Sale
Mvuma, Chirumhanzu
Farm & Agricultural Land
Agro Residential Plots for immediate occupation , 18km from Mvuma town. Size Ranges from 12ha-30ha. Option 1 Prices $2 700.00 per hectare Deposit is 20% payable over 2months Balance payable over 3years. IMMEDIATE OCCUPATION Option 2 Price $2 400.00 / hectare Deposit 40% Balance payable over 6months IMMEDIATE OCCUPATION Option 3 Price $2 000.00/hectare Deposit 40% Balance payable over 2months IMMEDIATE OCCUPATION
Listed: 15 Dec '17
For Sale
Farm & Agricultural Land
AGRICULTURAL PLOTS IN MVUMA RANGING FROM 15 -29 HECTARES READY FOR IMMEDIATE OCCUPATION - 25KM FROM CHIVHU - MVUMA HIGHWAY IN A GOOD GRAVEL ROAD. -Plenty pasture land for your cattle herd, -Good Rainfall area, Fine Loam Soils, best for horticulture and cropping -Title Deeds ready on completion of servicing and on payment of full purchase price. -Generously priced at $2,856/Hectare, -25% deposit and balance over 3 years, - OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE. -$2115/ Hectare for once off payment or 45% deposit and balance over 2 months. -$2556/hectare ,45% deposit and balance over 6 months -Immediate occupation after payment of deposit, -You can grab more than one to suit your needs, -OPPORTUNITIES COME IN A FLASH, YOU BLINK AND ITS GONE !
Listed: 29 Mar '18

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