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Lobatse, Botswana
Stands & Residential Land
INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN BOTSWANA PROPERTY SECTOR: P99/Square metre A choice of 4 500 residential, industrial and commercial stands in Lobatse, FREE HOLD. The stands are located in the scenic hills on the South side of LOBATSE and they range from 300m2 to 1000m2 in size, besides residential the land include land for commercial development, private schools and places of worship. The stands are marked at P99/m2 FOR RESIDENTIAL AND P199/m2 for commercial and industrial stands. The sellers are looking for outright purchase with 10% deposit and balance upon signing agreement of sale. For installments the seller accept 50% deposit and balance in 6 months WHY INVEST IN LOBATSE The town of LOBATSE was established during the construction of rail line from MAFEKING to BULAWAYO. With the establishment of industries such as BMC, LOBATSE attracted other ethnic and tribal groups such as the SHONA and NDEBELE who were later expelled by colonialist. Today its population of 30 883 is diverse of different tribal and ethnic groups making it a highly tolerant society to live in. The climactic conditions and the political stability of Botswana make it a good place to look at real-estate investment. The world economic forum regards the country as one of the best for governance on the continent. It also has a high credit rating and offers favorable exchange rates. Its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks help to attract many tourists, with other activities encouraging economic growth, such as coal and diamond mining and cattle rearing. Botswana Housing Corporation has the mandate of providing housing to the government and local authorities as well as low-income families, but struggles to cope with the demand for low-cost housing. Unless it can provide an adequate supply of housing, there would be large rental gains in this sector. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE AFRICA FREE TRADE POLICIES THINK BEYOND ZIMBABWE Despite the huge importance of housing, Africa currently faces a serious housing crisis. The shortage of suitable accommodation is pushing up rent and property prices in several cities and towns across the continent, making it one of the hottest and most promising places in the world for real estate investment. Some are moving away from war zones and slummy towns to clean lowly populated towns like LOBATSE to experience real peace of mind. The boom in Africa’s real estate market is a juicy opportunity for entrepreneurs like you to exploit beyond their boarders and become successful property owners. Africa Is Experiencing a Huge Population Boom and NEEDS YOUR HELP The logic here is quite simple – the larger the population, the higher the demand for housing and so therefore, position yourself in good economies to receive rentals from this growing population. Africa’s population currently stands at over one billion and is expected to reach 2.4 billion in just 40 years. Over this period, our continent will experience the fastest population growth than in any part of the world (including Asia) and whoever position themselves in terms of property location will win. Millions of Africans are moving to the cities A significant proportion of the demand for housing and real estate in Africa is concentrated in the cities like LOBATSE According to a report by the International Housing Coalition, only about 80 million Africans lived in cities in 1983. Today, that number has risen to over 400 million. The size of Africa’s urban areas has been growing at nearly 5 percent for the past two decades. Going by the current estimates, 300 million more Africans will become city people and urban dwellers by 2030. Therefore when you invest in any city in Africa, you will never lose. The Housing Problem is Too Big for the Governments In Africa, the governments are not doing enough to solve the housing shortage problem. In the continent’s most populated country for example, the World Bank estimates that over 16 million new houses need to be provided to solve Nigeria’s serious housing problem. The estimated cost of providing these homes stands at a whopping $350 billion! That’s too much for any one government to handle! As a result, private investors, entrepreneurs and ordinary people like you now have a role to play in solving the housing crisis not only in your country but across Africa. THE OUTLOOK FOR BOTSWANA The IPD Botswana Property Performance Report for the year to December 2011 showed a total return of 20.9% and 2014 return of 21.4 on directly held investments in property based on open market valuations. ? This return is made up of 10.8% by weight of income and 9.2% by way of capital appreciation. ? Inflation for the same period was around 9% and emphasizes the importance of income in this market. ? Retail and residential real-estate investments outperformed office property because of the impact of development activity in the office sector and the pressure on rental levels in the short to medium term until the oversupply is rectified. THE BOTTOM LINE FOR INVESTMENT IN BOTSWANA According to Knight Frank’s newly released Africa Report 2013, demand for high-quality commercial and residential property is continuing to grow across Africa on the back of strong economic growth and rising income. Botswana is particularly suitable for investment in residential and retail property because of its economic fundamentals and its political stability. CALL FOR ACTION What If I Don’t Have The Money? Many people think they need to have a truck load of money before they can invest in real estate. In fact, we often wrongly believe that the property market is reserved for rich people and large companies who have deep pockets. This is so not true. Like every other business or investment that exists, there is room for everybody in real estate, no matter the size of your capital. As we always advise, start small. That’s why we have 300m2 stands in LOBATSE , cheap to buy and cheap to build. The opportunity is now open to you to invest in an economy that is highly stable and with good returns, for more details and viewing call MUTSA CHIKEDE show me TEREZIM FORTRESS PROPERTIES HELPING YOU INVESTING BEYOND BOARDERS
Listed: 21 May '18
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South Africa
Farm & Agricultural Land
200HA Crocodile farm for sale (BORE0043)
Crocodile Farm for Sale in Bella Bella South Africa Incredible infrastructure on the property including guest lodges, crocodile pub, bore holes, water tanks, damn, and farm house Great opportunity to own a lovely tourist attraction farm
Listed: 8 Aug '18

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