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Public Auction 23 November 2018 : Courtney Hotel (STP0286)
Duly instructed by the Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe, we will be offering a variety of immovable property for Sale by PRIVATE TREATY. The closing date has been extended to Thursday 3rd February 2019 at 4.00pm. All offers to be submitted to Stohill Properties at 11 Northampton Crescent, Eastlea, Harare. SS153/18 : In the matter between JAMESON CHINYAN’ANYA & 36 OTHERS vs COURTNEY HOTEL (PVT) LTD : Certain piece of land situate in the district of Salisbury measuringsquare metres called standSalisbury Township also known as Courtney Hotel, Corner Selous Avenue & 8th Avenue, HARARE. Improvements: Triple storey 2 blocks: ground floor, reception, conference room, 2 by Dining halls, bar areas. 1st floor each section with 12 suites, 2nd Floor one with 11 suites and the other with 12 suites. Detached bar of brick under Corrugated Iron roof, entertainment area, swimming pool, deck area in convenient tranquil location.

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