Property for Sale in Spitzkop, Harare West

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Spitzkop, Harare West
Commercial & Industrial Land
Commercial Stand (SEF1159)
A 450m² stand located in the shopping centre of Spitzkop. Realise your dream of running your own business, build your shop.
Listed: 15 Aug '19
For Sale
Spitzkop, Harare West
Farm & Agricultural Land
Spitzkop (Merwede) (GDW0793)
11-acre plot comprising a 4bedroomed homestead, 2beds cottage, staff accomodation, a permit to subdivided into 400 square metre residential stands is in progress, prolific borehole
For Sale
Bulawayo Road, Spitzkop, Harare West
Farm & Agricultural Land
Offers lots of opportunities (OAS0037)
On offer is a 2.3 hectare plot in Spitzkop, Snake Park area with a 4 roomed cottage, perimeter fence and gated, borehole, good soils, title deeds. This plot offers many opportunities including market gardening, chicken or piggery project. There is scope to subdivide into high density residential development in the long run as the plot borders a new residential development.
Oasis Realty 20 Jun '19

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